“I was referred to Toria by my chiropractor. I was 70 years old, a smoker & not very healthy. I worked with Toria for 5 months prior to my knee replacement. She helped me improve my balance, get stronger and more flexible.  My Doctors were amazed at how well I recovered from my surgery, especially considering my age.

Toria was more than a trainer to me. She became my friend and someone who I looked forward to meeting with each week. She even took care of my dog while I was recovering. I am so very grateful for Toria and would recommend her to anyone, especially older people who are afraid to exercise, have health problems or are planning on having surgery. She is the Best!” 

Judith Nevel


“It is so important to use a personal trainer when you decide to enter into a fitness program. If you don't have a professional to help you set goals and diagram fitness plans you will just flounder and quit after a few months.”

Jeff Polite


“Toria knows her stuff. What I found most appealing about working with Toria is that she works at my pace and she customizes my fitness program to fit my needs, schedule and goals. She will also give a "push" when needed. She knows me well! I highly recommend her to all my friends.

Toria also gives fitness educational classes to my business clients. Like I said she knows her stuff!”

Sue Emery Justice


“Toria is a great motivator and very crafted at her profession. She loves her work and is extremely knowledgeable of it. I recommend her and encourage you to work with her.”

Hugh Miller


“Toria Lee is professional in every sense of the word. Her body reflects the dedication she has to fitness. We had an opportunity to discuss options for clients, and I am more than comfortable referring anyone to Toria. She cares about the people she coaches, and I'm sure each will take away an exceptional experience of her devotion to their goals.”

Peggy Kralik


"Coach Toria is a committed and enthusiastic trainer! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to change their life!"

Dawn Garbarz


"Toria exemplifies what it means to pursue health and fitness. She truly walks the talk. She is known for her of great passion for her work and for partnering with each individual to help them on their own unique health and fitness journey.”

Barry Demp


"Toria Lee is an excellent trainer. She is friendly and personal. She is diligent and pushes her clients to be as well. I got great results when I trained with her. I would highly recommend her."

Rose Laudicina Fritsch


"If you're like most people, it's not just about losing weight & keeping it off, it's about being physically fit. Coach Toria can help you do both. Her holistic, balanced approach to fitness can help even those with the most challenging of circumstances to achieve their goals.

Coach Toria exemplifies what a fitness coach should be - caring & nurturing, yet able to help you to reach beyond the limits you may have previously imposed upon yourself. If you want to be fit - in body, mind & spirit - you owe it to yourself to talk to Coach Toria. You'll be glad you did!"

Anita Koch


"Coach Toria has a great approach to how she sees fitness and the wellness of the individual. I felt my time spent with her was very valuable and my results were phenomenal. If you want to get in shape and do more than just diet, see how your life can be reinvigorated like never before than you must give Coach Toria a try.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to make a change and know that your will is stronger than anything is this world. Let Coach Toria show you how to bend the world to your will."

Wes Weiler


"Toria is a passionate professional whose mission is to bring the principles of health and fitness which she practices. She has been an inspiration to many who attend our Round Table events. Time spent consulting about one's health and fitness with her is time well spent."

Dean La Douceur


"It doesn't take long to realize that Toria Lee is a committed professional walking the talk (and running, and stretching, and lifting...). A coach worth listening to that knows how to get the right results."

Mike Whelan


"Toria is a fabulous personal trainer and a devoted follower of Jesus. Not only does she make exercising more fun, but I get more out of each workout with her than I would at the gym by myself. She provides a NO EXCUSES approach with continuous support, encouragement, direction, and added resistance! Of course the best part is the stretching session that follows each workout. I never knew my body could extend so far, and I feel great afterwards."

Kim Schott


“WellFit Health Solutions is truly a company that can help you battle the pains of working out, as well as give you that support to meet health and weight goals. As a college student, wife and mother, they coached me effectively and provided me with a personalized plan to meet my health and weight goals. Toria is extremely professional, patient and makes results happen. This company gets 5 stars from me.”

 Janine Schroeder


"Toria Lee, is a wonderful wellness and nutrition coach. She is detail oriented and delivers on her promises. With her over 20 years experience, she delivers results with a very warm disposition and friendly atmosphere.

She is very well informed in green living, which is the future of our up and coming environment. It is a pleasure to work with her. Thanks Toria for all your efforts.”

Fatih Tanrisever


"I've been going to gyms for over 20 years, have had several trainers and spoken with many more. Too many have no clue about training other than what the gym trained them to say. Toria is the opposite - doing her own research and keeping up on the latest development. Draw your own conclusions on the benefits of that!"

Drew Sygit


“I hired Toria as a personal trainer and would highly recommend her. Tori did an extensive evaluation before our session to determine my goals and benchmark where my fitness level stood to measure progress later.

She has a wonderful gift of encouraging you in a positive way. Even when you slip she doesn't beat you up, however she does get you back on track. She continually reminds me of the benefits of why I am doing this while kicking my ass during the workout making me push myself to do one-two-three or more reps.

I would highly encourage anyone to talk to her and compare her rograms with other trainers. She offers great home solutions if you aren't a member of a gym.

Thanks Toria for keeping us all in shape physically and mentally.”

Karen Cynowa


“I started working with Toria about 10 years ago and she had a tremendous impact on my wellness. Diet, exercise, stretching, you name it and she helped improve it. Still to this day I use the techniques and lessons that she taught me. If you want to make a positive change to your health, Toria can help you do just that!”

Matt Lohmeier


“Love working out with Toria. She is great at changing up the routine and progressing your capabilities. Most fun I've had working with a personal trainer.”